BEFESA & GHI – New Advanced Plant in Germany

GHI Smart Furnaces has created an innovative solution to improve aluminum recycling efficiency at Befesa’s new plant in Germany. This initiative aims to maximize metal recovery from different types of scrap and dross.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

After extensive consultations with Befesa, GHI designed a complete turnkey solution. The plant features seven specialized furnaces, including three Tilting Rotary Furnaces for processing low-quality scrap and dross, a Vortex Furnace for lighter scrap, and three Reverberatory Furnaces with porous plugs to ensure consistent alloy quality.
This plant is Europe’s first fully-integrated smart aluminum recycling facility and one of the most advanced globally. It leverages GHI’s Beyond 4.0 technology platform, which captures over 1,500 variables per second. These variables are analyzed to optimize and continuously enhance process control.

Digital Innovation and Sustainability

Embracing Industry 4.0, GHI enhances plant operations through advanced sensorization, digitalization, and automated process control. Consequently, this approach significantly reduces environmental impact and improves efficiency.

  • Automated systems increase plant safety and operational efficiency.
  • Real-time monitoring allows for immediate adjustments and anomaly correction.
  • Process optimization leads to increased production and metal yield.
  • Integration with existing systems ensures seamless operations.
  • Remote technical support guarantees ongoing performance management.

This project not only highlights GHI’s leadership in aluminum recycling technology but also marks a significant step towards sustainable industrial practices.

For more insights, visit the full article in Heat Processing Magazine.

This innovative project sets a new industry benchmark and aligns with GHI’s mission to foster sustainable industrial solutions through cutting-edge technology.

BEFESA & GHI – New Advanced Plant in Germany
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