The people are the driving HEART of GHI

For decades, GHI has passed down the torch of family tradition, from one generation to the next, ever since 1937. Our values bind us together as a community, reinforcing and perpetuating our legacy.

Founded in Rich Heritage

Founded in Rich Heritage

From Guinea to Guinea, the story continues.

As a family-owned company founded in 1937, our mission is to supply turnkey plants for aluminum recycling, based on our three pillars: recycling, digitalization, and decarbonization.

With over 85 years of experience, we support aluminium customers worldwide to improve their processes with the utmost commitment to excellence.

Founded in Rich Heritage

The engineers with purpose

Jose Maria, Miguel Guinea, and Salvador Guinea, three engineers from Guipuzcoa trained at the Escuela Superior de Ingenieria Bilbao, founded Guinea Hermanos Ingenieros with the sole purpose of providing the growing metallurgical industry with industrial furnaces.

Founded in Rich Heritage

Galdakao Workshop

Following a decade of dedication, the workshop for manufacturing industrial furnaces was inaugurated in Galdakao in 1947.

Founded in Rich Heritage

Fueling Growth

Since the beginning of the company, GHI has had a clear focus on exports, and in 1950, the first shipment was made to Latin America.

Founded in Rich Heritage

GHI's Technological Journey

Throughout its history, GHI has been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technology, with a significant milestone in 1983 when the company adopted CAD system in engineering.

Founded in Rich Heritage

Guinea family's ownership consolidation

After 78 years of shared ownership in a family business, Ignacio Guinea consolidated the shares of the third generation and forged a new path with his family branch, highlighting the significance of lineage and tradition in the continuity of a family-owned enterprise.

Founded in Rich Heritage

World's largest Tilting Rotary Furnace

In 2016, GHI supplied the worlds largest Tilting Rotary Furnace with capacity of 65 tons. A significant milestone that reinforces our commitment to large-scale aluminum recycling.

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Founded in Rich Heritage

The Digital Transformation

By utilizing cutting-edge tools in artificial intelligence and machine learning, our revolutionary platform BeyondAlea was born. This innovative solution in the aluminium recycling industry allows for continuous process improvement for our clients, and was recognized with the prestigious Artificial Intelligence Award by DigitalTek.


Founded in Rich Heritage

Efforts towards a sustainable future

GHI is committed to promoting the decarbonization of the aluminium recycling industry. We participate in the Basque Hydrogen Corridor and other European collaboration projects aimed at developing clean energy solutions.


Founded in Rich Heritage

GHI in Mexico and USA

Aligned with our internationalization strategy in America, we have opened new offices in Mexico, Brazil and the USA.

Our Valued Customers

Our Valued Customers

Customer trust fuels our success

Our valued customers' trust fuels our success, driving us towards a future defined by excellence and enduring values. At GHI, customers are family, reflecting our core spirit and guiding virtues.

Through trust, we've become a global benchmark in the aluminum industry, showcasing the power of our values and long-standing relationships.

For more than 87 years, we have equipped hundreds of companies in various sectors worldwide. We are the leading company in Spain and Mexico, and a global reference in several markets, including aluminium recycling, hot stamping, and wheel rim heat treatment plants.

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Founded in Rich Heritage

Meet our Management

Our greatest treasure are Our incredible people

At GHI, our commitment to our customers is our top priority. We are dedicated to helping them overcome their challenges, both now and in the long term.

Our team members, with their combined experience of over 20 years and new talents, share a deep passion and pride in our accomplishments. We are committed to building a smarter future more sustainable together

Discover our people


Iñigo Guinea

Chief Executive Officer

José Berasategui

General Manager

Guillermo González

Business Development Manager

Ana Portilla

Commercial Manager

Diego Angulo

Engineering Manager

Nerea Núñez

Supply Chain Manager

Oier Anton

Smart Process Improvement Manager

Ander Galindez

Project and Production Manager

Eduardo García

Finance Manager

Asier Riaño

Customer Care Manager

Arrate Etxenagusia

People Manager