Smart Sidewell and Vortex

The GHI Smart Sidewell and Vortex Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces uses a cutting-edge submergence system to create a vortex, specifically designed for melting fine-grade loads while minimizing oxidation. This innovative furnace incorporates a sidewell for optimal circulation, enhanced by an agitation system, either electromechanical or electromagnetic, generating a vortex that efficiently submerges the melting load and directs it towards the melting chamber. This results in increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption, extended refractory life, and improved metal recovery.

GHI Smart Furnaces offer advanced systems with powerful molten metal circulation, ensuring chemical and temperature homogeneity and providing flexibility in scrap feed options.

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Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Empowering Circulation for Enhanced Efficiency

    GHI Smart Furnaces' Vortex and Sidewell technologies orchestrate dynamic subsurface circulation, reducing disturbances on the bath surface, curbing oxide generation, and elevating metal quality. The mesmerizing vortex created by the submergence system ensures efficient submersion of even the most delicate scraps. Meanwhile, the Sidewell facilitates ideal furnace circulation, prolonging the lifespan of refractory materials and enhancing metal recovery.

  2. Unparalleled Chemical and Temperature Homogeneity

    The Vortex and Sidewell technology speed up furnace cycles by fostering remarkable chemical and temperature homogeneity, boosting productivity and curbing fuel consumption. With a harmonized temperature around 750°C (1.382°F), heat transfer becomes more efficient, accelerating the rate of thermal exchange. This translates into reduced fuel consumption and heightened furnace efficiency.

  3. Flexible Scrap Feed Options for Exceptional Scrap Submergence

    Experience unparalleled flexibility in selecting your scrap feed with Vortex and Sidewell, enabling efficient submergence of light gauge scraps, saw chippings, swarf, fragmented aluminium, UBCs (Used Beverage Cans), edge trimmings, foil, shredded aluminium, and achieving metal recovery rates of up to 98%.

  4. Enhanced Alloying Capabilities with Remarkable Yield

    Unlock new possibilities in alloying with the Vortex and Sidewell technologies, harnessing remarkable alloying yields and producing high-quality metal alloys.

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