Speira & GHI Smart Furnaces ― Committed to Saving 1.5 Million Tons of CO2 Annually

Imagine reducing 1.5 million tons of CO2 annually with a single innovation. Speira, a leader in European aluminium recycling, has partnered with GHI Smart Furnaces to make this a reality. This collaboration marks a significant leap towards a sustainable aluminium industry.

It transforms Speira’s Rheinwerk plant in Germany into a beacon of green technology with a €40 million investment.

A Commitment to a Circular Future

Speira’s commitment to sustainability runs deep in its operations. With eleven recycling and production sites across Germany and Norway, Speira processes around 650,000 tons of aluminium annually. This extensive network, including facilities like the world’s largest aluminium rolling mill, Alunorf, underscores Speira’s capability and ambition to lead in aluminium recycling.

The Rheinwerk project is a key part of Speira’s strategy to become Europe’s top aluminium recycler. Over the past 20 years, Speira has invested significantly in recycling capacities. This includes Europe’s most advanced sorting plant for used beverage cans (UBC). The new furnace, designed and manufactured by GHI, will be operational by early 2026. It represents a major investment to enhance recycling efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The Partnership with GHI Smart Furnaces

The long and successful partnership between Speira and GHI across various projects reflects a shared vision for a sustainable future. GHI’s advanced furnace technology aligns perfectly with Speira’s goals of reducing carbon emissions and advancing the circular economy.

“The Speira partnership exemplifies our commitment to turning our purpose into reality: empowering our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Our Smart Multi-chamber Furnace will play a pivotal role in reducing Speira’s environmental footprint and advancing the circular aluminium economy in Rheinwerk.”
Iñigo Guinea, CEO of GHI Smart Furnaces.


The furnace efficiently processes contaminated scrap while optimizing energy consumption. The Multi-chamber design allows for simultaneous decontamination and melting. It maximizes energy efficiency by harnessing organic components present in the charge. This innovative approach enhances recycling efficiency and significantly cuts CO2 emissions.


The Rheinwerk project includes an Autonomous Charging Machine. This machine automates the loading process using advanced sensors and robotics. This system ensures precise metal charging, minimizes loading time and heat loss, and enhances overall productivity. By eliminating manual loading, it improves safety and extends the furnace’s lifespan by protecting its refractory lining.

Building a Sustainable Future, Together

This is not just about installing a new furnace. Both Speira and GHI Smart Furnaces are committed to ongoing research and development. They focus on new recycling-friendly alloys and sustainable practices. These efforts will make significant strides towards a more sustainable aluminium industry. Digitalization, efficiency, and environmental responsibility are paramount.

Speira aims to be Europe’s top aluminium recycler. GHI Smart Furnaces seeks to set the industry benchmark for sustainability. Together, they are shaping a greener future for aluminium production in Europe and beyond.


About Speira

Speira is a leading European aluminium rolling and recycling company with eleven production sites in Germany and Norway. Speira recycles up to 650,000 tons of aluminium annually. They produce advanced rolled products for various industries, including automotive, packaging, and construction. Learn more at Speira.

About GHI Smart Furnaces

GHI Furnaces

GHI Smart Furnaces specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced furnace technologies for the aluminium recycling industry. Committed to sustainability and efficiency, GHI provides customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of its global clients. For more information, visit GHI Smart Furnaces.

Speira & GHI Smart Furnaces ― Committed to Saving 1.5 Million Tons of CO2 Annually
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