A 85-Year journey to master the art of aluminium manufacturing

With a robust and industrialized production system, we seamlessly oversee every aspect of the production process, leveraging SCM (Supply Chain Management) and Project Management to integrate all the necessary technologies for the plants we supply.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reinforced by our expertise in agile methodology and efficient project management, resulting in optimal efficiency, streamlined processes, and exceptional outcomes.

The Power of Our Lean Manufacturing

We combine project management with expertise in Lean Manufacturing to meet customer needs flexibly while remaining efficient in terms of time, quality, and cost. We cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where our teams continually seek ways to enhance our processes and furnaces.

<span class="link_text_small">The Power of Our</span>
<span class="link_text_big">Lean Manufacturing</span>

LEAN MANUFACTURINGCustomer-Focused Leadership

At GHI Smart Furnaces, our approach to Customer Oriented Management is more than just a strategy – it's a commitment etched into our DNA. We believe that every decision, every innovation, and every interaction should be centered around our customers and their unique needs.



At GHI Smart Furnaces, we follow Lean principles to optimize our processes and deliver value to customers quickly and efficiently. By eliminating waste and streamlining workflow, we ensure our products are of the highest quality and meet customer needs.

We believe in continuous collaboration and customer feedback to constantly improve our processes and products.



We also employ a customized approach aligned with visual management principles to enhance project execution. This approach enables workflow visualization, bottleneck identification, and project progress optimization. Our commitment to efficiency is evident in the strategic implementation of visual management, particularly valuable in overseeing complex projects with multiple interdependencies.

The expertise of our Agile Project Management

At GHI Smart Furnaces, we harness the power of agility and speed to deliver exceptional results. Through flexible and efficient project management, we ensure customer satisfaction by meeting deadlines and controlling costs with precision.

<span class="link_text_small">The expertise of our</span>
<span class="link_text_big">Agile Project Management</span>

LEAN MANUFACTURINGMultidisciplinar Project Rooms

We leverage a collaborative workspace approach to achieve effective project management. Our rooms promote transparent communication, encourage teamwork, and enable efficient decision-making, ensuring the successful execution of projects.

Agile Project Management

LEAN MANUFACTURINGContinuous Improvement Culture

Our commitment to continuous improvement is ingrained in our organizational culture. We actively seek feedback, monitor project performance, and leverage lessons learned to refine our processes. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement, we consistently enhance our project management practices, delivering superior outcomes for our customers.


LEAN MANUFACTURINGCross-functional Collaboration

We foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration, bringing together diverse teams to drive project success. By encouraging open communication, knowledge sharing, and seamless coordination, we leverage the collective expertise of our talented professionals.

Our certifications

Our equipment complies with the most stringent certifications.

Our certifications

Fostering a Agile Continuous Improvement Culture in Manufacturing and Project Management

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