ZnStack Project: Advanced Melting Technology for Zinc Alloy Recycling

GHI Smart Furnaces, working with Indaux and the Tecnalia technology center, is excited to announce the ZnStack project. This initiative aims to develop a new melting and recovery furnace for non-ferrous elements, focusing on zinc alloys. Supported by the Basque Government, the ZnStack project will revolutionize zinc alloy recycling and production, making significant improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and technological advancement.

Project Goals and Key Outcomes

The ZnStack project has several key objectives. These goals are expected to benefit the industry significantly:

  1. Design a Cutting-Edge Melting Furnace: The primary goal is to create a state-of-the-art furnace capable of recovering complex zinc-based materials. Additionally, this versatile furnace will be suitable for other low-melting-point materials, such as aluminum.
  2. Reduce Production Costs: By improving melting process efficiency and using raw materials with high organic or complex content, the project aims to produce cast zinc alloys at a lower cost. This will enhance market competitiveness.
  3. Generate Valuable Knowledge: Understanding the parameters influencing the efficiency of melting towers for low-melting-point alloys is crucial. This knowledge will drive future technological improvements.

Implications and Benefits of the ZnStack Project

The ZnStack furnace addresses several critical needs in zinc alloy recycling and production:

  • Efficiency: The furnace will enhance material usage efficiency by processing raw materials with high organic or complex content effectively.
  • Cost Reduction: Lower production costs for zinc alloys will make them more competitive in the market, benefiting both manufacturers and consumers.
  • Knowledge Generation: The project will provide valuable insights into the key parameters affecting melting tower efficiency, paving the way for further technological advancements.

Reflective Statement

As GHI Smart Furnaces continues to innovate, projects like ZnStack highlight the importance of sustainable and efficient recycling practices. This initiative addresses current industry challenges and sets the stage for future advancements in non-ferrous metal recycling.

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ZnStack Project: Advanced Melting Technology for Zinc Alloy Recycling
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