Fundial Enhances Production with GHI’s 40-Ton Tilting Rotary Furnace and Slag Cooling System

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At GHI Smart Furnaces, we are proud to announce our latest collaboration with Fundial, Spain. We will supply a state-of-the-art 40-ton tilting rotary furnace alongside a cutting-edge slag cooling system, significantly boosting Fundial’s aluminium ingot production capacity. This strategic investment positions Fundial as a leader in the industrial market and transforms their Legutio plant into a premier centre for aluminium ingot refinement and manufacturing.

Revolutionary Equipment Installation

Scheduled for commissioning in the first quarter of 2021, this installation will provide Fundial with the flexibility to diversify their aluminium alloy offerings, meeting the unique needs of each customer. The integration of GHI’s advanced technology underscores our commitment to delivering high-efficiency, low-environmental-impact solutions.

The 40-ton tilting rotary furnace is engineered to maximize metal yield while minimizing energy consumption. This furnace handles a variety of low-quality aluminium scraps, broadening Fundial’s customer and supplier base. With the ability to extend their alloy range, Fundial can cater to specific requirements such as enhanced hardness, conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Innovative Slag Cooling System

Our GHI salt slag cooling system is designed to optimize aluminium recovery from the salt slag produced by the tilting rotary furnace. This system rapidly cools the slag, preventing aluminium oxidation, increasing metal recovery, and reducing the space needed for cooling compared to traditional methods. This equipment is tailored for efficient aluminium recovery and higher metal yield, ensuring both energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions per ton of aluminium produced.

Embracing Industry 4.0

Fundial’s new equipment will seamlessly integrate into Industry 4.0 through our BeyondAlea 4.0 platform. This integration includes advanced sensorization, digitalization, technical assistance, process consulting, and preventive maintenance. By leveraging these technologies, Fundial will gain greater control over their production processes, significantly reducing plant consumption and enhancing overall efficiency.


  • Doubling Production Capacity: Significant increase in aluminium ingot output.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Ability to process diverse aluminium scraps.
  • Maximum Metal Yield: Efficient aluminium recovery.
  • Space-Saving Slag Cooling System: Reduces space requirements by eliminating slag cooling baskets.
  • Environmental Compliance: Full adherence to safety and environmental standards.
  • Industry 4.0 Integration: Advanced sensorization and the BeyondAlea 4.0 platform for superior process control.
Fundial Enhances Production with GHI’s 40-Ton Tilting Rotary Furnace and Slag Cooling System
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