GHI Drives Expansion of Refial’s Aluminum Recycling Plant in Alava

Refial once again relies in GHI for the expansion of their aluminium recycling plant and recover the aluminium content in the salt slag from their rotary furnaces with a state-of-the-art cooling system. The equipment was supplied in collaboration and under the technology of Befesa. The results are outstanding!

Expansion of the Refial Aluminum Recycling Plant

Refial, a leader in aluminum scrap recycling, is expanding its plant in the province of Alava to meet increasing market demand. This expansion features the addition of a second Tilting Rotary Furnace (TRF) and a state-of-the-art Salt Slag Cooling System.

Integral Solution for Increased Production

To enhance plant production, GHI Smart Furnaces provided a 30-ton tilting rotary furnace. This furnace processes low-quality scrap efficiently, achieving high metallic yield similar to systems installed in 2015. Furthermore, a new salt slag cooling system, developed with Befesa, maximizes aluminum recovery and prevents oxidation during slag processing.

The system conveys salt slag from the two rotary furnaces via conveyor belts to the cooler, where it is reduced to below 400°C. This processed powder is then moved to storage silos for further processing at salt recovery plants, while larger pieces of aluminum are recycled back into the furnace.

This upgrade significantly increases automation at the plant, reducing manual tasks and enhancing safety. GHI’s cutting-edge technology ensures high metal yield and energy efficiency across various scrap types.

Advantages of the Plant Expansion

    • → Enhanced recovery of aluminum from dross and salt slag.
    • → Reduced cycle time for aluminum processing.
    • → Decreased manual labor, enhancing safety and efficiency.
    • → Superior energy efficiency and automation.
    • → Reduced salt usage, lowering operational costs.
    • → Seamless integration with existing plant infrastructure.

The collaboration between GHI and Refial began in 2010 with the delivery of a turnkey plant. This partnership has continued to flourish, leading to ongoing enhancements in Refial’s recycling capabilities and contributing to sustainable production practices.

GHI Drives Expansion of Refial’s Aluminum Recycling Plant in Alava
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