Preheating Aluminium Sheeting Installation by GHI Industrial Furnaces

This is the second installation of its type in the world

GHI Industrial Furnaces has developed an innovative solution for preheating aluminium sheeting. The latest installation at Aluar, Argentina’s only producer of primary aluminium, showcases our commitment to advanced, efficient, and sustainable technology.

Until now, only one other installation of this type existed worldwide, located in the USA. This project demonstrates GHI’s ability to deliver cutting-edge technology to its clients. The new chamber furnace design is particularly suitable for processing smaller batches of sheets, offering high adaptability. It’s also an excellent complement for increasing the production capacity of existing plants with pusher furnaces, adapting to different-alloy sheets with high added value.

Advanced Technology and Enhanced Efficiency

The plant features sensors and Industry 4.0 technology, significantly improving production process control, reducing energy consumption, and cutting gas emissions. It is a modular installation comprising three chamber furnaces for heating the sheets to be rolled and a set of auxiliary equipment that automatically feeds sheets into and extracts them from the heating furnaces, transferring them to the hot-roller conveyor.

The horizontal chamber furnaces are of the intermittent type. High-specification forced air recirculation fans, specifically designed by GHI, enable very rapid and even heating of the different sheets loaded into the furnace. Traditional pusher furnaces are semi-continuous, exposing all sheets to the same temperature, heating, and holding times. While this is ideal for processing large series of same-alloy, same-dimension sheets, the new chamber furnace design’s ability to accommodate fewer sheets makes it particularly suitable for processing small batches and even sheets of different sizes.

Commitment to Sustainability

This installation represents GHI’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency. The advanced technology used in these furnaces not only boosts productivity but also aligns with global efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Preheating Aluminium Sheeting Installation by GHI Industrial Furnaces
GHI Furnaces

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