Plant for preheating aluminium slabs in Aluar, Argentina


Plant for the preheating of aluminium slabs in Aluar, Mexico

We have developed an original alternative for the hot rolling process of aluminium slabs, providing a more competitive, productive and sustainable solution to companies in the sector.


Integral solution

Until its implementation, there was only one plant of this type in the world, located in the US, which shows our capacity for offering cutting-edge technology to our customers.

It is a modular installation comprising 3 chamber furnaces where the slabs to be laminated are heated, as well as a series of transfer machines that automatically introduce, extract and transfer the heated slabs to the rolling mill.

Chamber furnaces, unlike traditional semi-continuous systems, are intermittent and have a horizontal chamber, which allows the treatment of small batches of slabs with different sizes and different alloys, and submit them to different heat treatment cycles.


  • Flexibility in terms of slabs sizes and treated batches
  • Very short heating times thanks to the use of forced recirculation ventilators
  • High homogenization in the heating speed of the slabs
  • Better control of the production process thanks to the sensorization and technology 4.0
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere
Plant for preheating aluminium slabs in Aluar, Argentina
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