Open Day in GHI to Celebrate the Company’s 80th Anniversary

On the occasion of our 80th anniversary, GHI Industrial Furnaces hosted an Open Day at our headquarters. Families of staff members had the opportunity to discover firsthand what the company does daily and learn about our current projects.

Key Highlights of the Event

Corporate Video and Demonstrations

The day began with the screening of a corporate video, followed by a demonstration of creating a 3D plan. Attendees also learned about thermography and saw the video camera positioned inside a furnace.

Engineering 4.0 and SAT 4.0

In the SAT 4.0 area, we explained Engineering 4.0 and its functionalities. The event featured an engaging drawing competition for children, held on the second floor.

Workshop Visits

Participants toured the GHI workshop, learning about projects with Gestamp and Lisi Automotive. These visits provided insights into the technical and innovative aspects of our work.

Concluding the Event

To conclude the enjoyable morning, we offered aperitifs in the training room. We extend our gratitude to the family members for their attendance and interest and to the organizers for putting on such a successful event. We hope the attendees gained valuable insights into our company’s daily activities.

Open Day in GHI to Celebrate the Company’s 80th Anniversary
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