GHI Supplies World’s Biggest Rotary Tilting Furnace for Aluminium Recycling

Did you know the world’s biggest rotary tilting furnace for aluminium recycling is now operational in Spain? Here’s how GHI Smart Furnaces is setting new standards in the industry.

GHI Smart Furnaces recently installed a groundbreaking rotary tilting furnace at Befesa Asua in Spain. With a capacity of 65 tons, this furnace breaks previous records, offering significant advancements in aluminium recycling technology.

Enhanced Efficiency

This massive furnace, weighing 150 tons and reaching temperatures up to 1,000°C, reduces costs per ton by replacing less efficient equipment. It consumes less salt and boosts energy efficiency, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Advanced Sensorization

Integrated with Industry 4.0, the furnace transmits over 1,000 data values per second. GHI’s Big Data systems and engineers analyze this data to provide real-time operational advice, predictive maintenance, and performance optimization.

Sustainability Focus

Recovering aluminium from low-quality scrap, this furnace significantly reduces waste compared to traditional models. Its design also facilitates easier emptying and cleaning of dross, contributing to more sustainable recycling practices.

GHI’s new rotary tilting furnace represents a leap forward in aluminium recycling, combining efficiency, sustainability, and advanced technology. This innovation not only sets new industry standards but also reinforces GHI’s commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Reflective Statement

As we look forward to more sustainable and efficient industrial solutions, innovations like GHI’s rotary tilting furnace pave the way for a greener future in aluminium recycling.

GHI Supplies World’s Biggest Rotary Tilting Furnace for Aluminium Recycling
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