2018 Achievements: GHI Technological Advancements and Global Growth

2018 marked 81 years of history for GHI Smart Furnaces, a year full of significant achievements in business, commercial, and technological development. We are excited to share some of the major milestones and advancements we made during this pivotal year.

Technological Milestones Achieved

This year, we accomplished several key technological advancements:

  • On Stamp: Our patented hot stamping furnace, “On Stamp,” has become a reality and is now in use in various parts of the world.
  • Recycall: Our comprehensive aluminum recycling plants, “Recycall,” have become a crucial part of our market proposition.
  • World Record: We set a new world record by constructing the world’s largest rotary tilting furnace for aluminum recycling, which is already operational and meeting performance expectations.

Global Expansion and Commercial Growth

In 2018, we continued our internalization process in strategic markets, expanding our commercial presence in:

  • India
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Iran

Advancements in Digital Transformation

We made significant strides in our digital transformation with the development of our “Beyond4.0” platform. This after-sales 4.0 service enables precise identification of failures and predictive maintenance. Our technicians can perform diagnostics remotely from GHI, developing solutions based on reliable historical data, ensuring the equipment’s performance throughout its lifecycle.

Workforce and Technological Investments

We continued our expansion and specialization strategy by welcoming more than 25 new employees to our company. Additionally, we actively participated in several R&D projects to develop and improve our equipment. We also upgraded our information systems by implementing RPS and Solidworks.

Lean Methodology and Facility Renovations

Adopting the lean methodology in our workshop was a significant step towards enhancing efficiency. We undertook a complete renovation of our facilities, including a thorough upgrade of our workshop and the ground floor of our offices.

Looking Forward to 2019

We are optimistic about 2019 and look forward to a year filled with new projects that will allow us to grow and collaborate with our customers, suppliers, and partners. We remain committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do.

2018 Achievements: GHI Technological Advancements and Global Growth
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