GHI’s Dross Recovery Plants in the Light Metal Age

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GHI’s Dross Recovery Plants in the Light Meal Age 

revista LMA

In this article you will find a description of our proposal on how to “Create value from aluminium dross and salts”. It analyzes the process and equipment needed to achieve a controlled and efficient recycling to produce a high quality aluminium. It also explains how our plants for recovering aluminium from dross increase profitability and reduce the environmental footprint.

Consumers are increasingly demanding details about the origin of the products they buy and its connection to the carbon footprint. There is a growing interest in circular economy. The stringent environmental regulations together with a very competitive market in terms of product quality, productivity and profitability are increasing.

As a result, the aluminium sector has pushed the main equipment suppliers to develop competitive technologies and processes that seek to recover 100% of the aluminium contained in the aluminium dross and scrap.


Creating value from the dross and salts 

In order to guarantee the high quality of the aluminium, the generated dross has to be removed during the melting process. Usually, the black dross (from secondary melting operations) can contain from 5% to 30% of aluminium. The white dross (from primary smelters), on the other hand, is much more valuable and contains a higher concentration of metal, which can reach from 20% to 80%.

The aluminium content of the dross, regardless of whether it is black or white dross, can be recovered through a subsequent melting process. Today’s waste is not waste anymore, but a valuable resource that can be processed to create value.


GHI’s specific equipment 

GHI’s tilting rotary furnaces along with the salt slag cooling systems, holding furnaces and 4.0 technology, provide the highest aluminium recovery yield, an optimised energy consumption and ensure the safest and the most environmentally friendly process on the market.

Our Beyond 4.0 service at GHI allows us to offer the best possible solutions from the Industry 4.0 in order to move towards the digital Twin. Our equipment is sensorized, we can capture and analyze the information in real time on the Beyond 4.0 platform.

The Beyond 4.0 platform collects a large amount of data that is monitored and analyzed with advanced Big data tools by our 4.0 engineering team. All of this results in the best possible use of the equipment and therefore in a greater productivity throughout its useful life.


Read the complete article in Septembers issue of Light Metal Age magazine

GHI’s Dross Recovery Plants in the Light Metal Age
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