GHI presents the Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future

In a world where climate change is a pressing concern, we at GHI are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future with our Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future. This cutting-edge facility is designed to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also increase efficiency and minimize waste.


The Need for Change

Global leaders have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. Governments are stepping up with green taxes and incentive schemes to push toward climate neutrality. The aluminium industry, too, must decarbonize and adopt cleaner technologies to stay ahead.

The RecAL project in Europe is a prime example of how recycling technologies and digital platforms are being developed to create a circular aluminium economy, reducing the energy required to produce aluminium from end-of-life materials to just 5% of that needed for primary production​ (RECYCLING magazine)​​ (Aluminium Today)​.

The Plant of the Future

Our Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future is here, fully digitalized and sensorized to ensure total control over emissions and efficiency. Powered by clean energies like green hydrogen and renewable electricity, it’s a zero-waste facility that sets a new standard in sustainability.

Recent advancements such as Hydro’s new recycling unit in Årdal, which blends primary aluminium made with hydropower with post-consumer scrap, showcase the potential of combining new technology and recycling to achieve record low-carbon footprints​. (Hydro – Industries that matter)​.


We use clean renewable energy to feed an electrolyzer, generating hydrogen and oxygen. Our low-carbon fuel powers tilting rotary furnaces and vortex furnaces with delacquering systems for recycling post-consumer scrap. Hydrogen replaces natural gas to slash CO2 emissions, while holding and alloying furnaces use renewable electricity for heating.


Our plant treats all by-products like dross, salt slag cakes, and fumes, creating zero-waste circular plants through sustainable aluminium alloy production. We’re driving the transformation towards total circularity.


Using machine learning technologies, we propose end-to-end solutions with cutting-edge facilities that enhance cast house operations. Our plant captures over 10,000 data points per second, which are stored and processed to simulate and predict performance with a digital twin. Join us on this path to a smart and clean future.


  • Fully automated and sensorized plant
  • Hydrogen or renewable energy-fueled furnaces
  • Use of environmentally friendly hydrogen burners
  • 4.0 technology integration
  • Zero emission of polluting gases
  • Maximum metal yield with minimum energy consumption

Ready to Embrace the Future?

What do you think about the future of aluminium recycling? Could this new technology be the key to more sustainable practices worldwide? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Visit our Projects page to learn more about our work and see how we’re shaping the future of recycling.

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GHI presents the Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future
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