Foundry Planet Features PRIME Casting Plants by GHI

publishes an article about the PRIME Casting Plants by GHI. The B2B portal for technincal and commercial foundry management publishes an article that exposes the main characteristics and features of the recently launched PRIME Casting plants by GHI. Prime include melting tower and reverberatory furnaces

Foundry Planet, the distinguished B2B portal for technical and commercial foundry management, has published an article about the PRIME Casting Plants by GHI. The article highlights the main characteristics and features of these recently launched casting plants.

The demand for cast aluminum parts with complex geometries and short delivery times is increasing. Foundries face the challenge of producing these components economically, with top quality, and within tight deadlines.

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What is PRIME?

PRIME is the fully automated and smart solution for aluminum casting plants. GHI provides these plants to manufacturers focused on achieving high metal yield, producing high-quality and complex parts, and maintaining total control over plant performance.

Prime Casting Plant

PRIME Casting Plants by GHI

GHI Smart Furnaces developed the PRIME Casting Plants to enhance the competitiveness of aluminum casting plants by incorporating the most efficient, safe, and sustainable technologies. GHI’s casting plants include melting tower furnaces, reverberatory holding furnaces, automatic charging systems with storage buffers, and automatic skimming machines.

Leveraging 82 years of experience in aluminum casting, GHI optimized equipment engineering to include state-of-the-art technologies and provide a complete smart solution. Recently, GHI supplied this solution to leading companies such as CIE Automotive in Spain and Conalum in Mexico, with commissioning set for the coming months.

GHI offers a new concept of a complete and intelligent plant with the highest performance in the market and a 4.0 solution that allows customers to transform data-driven insights into data-driven actions.

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Foundry Planet Features PRIME Casting Plants by GHI
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