Continuous heat treatment line of wheel rims for MAPSA in Navarra


Continuous thermal treatment line of wheel rims for MAPSA in Navarra.

MAPSA, a cooperative belonging to the Mondragón Corporation, which has recently celebrated 25 years as a cooperative and 60 as a company, commissioned us with a new line of thermal treatments at its Orkoien plant – to which we will add a second, twin line – to increase its productions capacity from 2.6 million to 3.5 million wheel rims in 2019.


Integral solution

This fully automated installation is the first of its class to be installed in Spain and has a strong R&D component.

It is a treatment line aimed at the solubilization, quenching and ageing of different size wheel rims, including furnaces, a quenching tank and different service machines.

This plant joins the previous foundry supplied by GHI to Mapsa, comprising several reverberatory furnaces and melting towers, one of which is being sensorized in a pilot 4.0 project.

One of the newest features of the line is that the load batches are directly supported on the roller-hearth, thus avoiding non-treatable material such as loading baskets from being heated, achieving a better energy performance in the installation. The rollers are available at four heights to take maximum advantage of the length of the furnace.

The furnaces are located at two superimposed heights to take maximum advantage of the surface of the plant occupied by the installation.


  • High production and reliability of the manufactured equipment
  • Full traceability of the load batches
  • Great homogenity in the different phases of thermal treatment
  • Full automation both of the automatic admission system of the wheel rims as well as the furnaces
  • High energy performance due to the absence of baskets and taking full advantage of the internal space of the furnace
Continuous heat treatment line of wheel rims for MAPSA in Navarra
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