Competitive Manufacturing Through Energy Efficient Processes

At GHI Smart Furnaces, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to improve energy efficiency in industrial processes. Our latest project, developed in collaboration with Befesa Aluminio, Nervacero, Bs-tech Rolling Mill, and Tecnalia Technology Center, focuses on advancing technologies that enhance the efficiency of industrial furnaces.

Project Overview: FACOEE

The FACOEE project is a significant step towards sustainable and competitive manufacturing. It targets two key areas:

  1. Recovery of Secondary Aluminum in Rotary Furnaces:
    • Multi-Door System: This innovative system reduces temperature loss, prevents re-dipping, and allows for greater load utilization, thereby decreasing casting time.
    • Regenerative Burners: These burners minimize metal oxidation, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the melting process.
  2. Reheating of Steel Billets in Walking Beam Furnaces:
    • This component of the project aims to improve the reheating process, making it more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Collaboration and Innovation

This project is a testament to the power of collaboration. By working with industry leaders like Befesa Aluminio, Nervacero, and Bs-tech Rolling Mill, and leveraging the technological expertise of Tecnalia, we are driving forward groundbreaking advancements in furnace technology.

Financial Support

The FACOEE project has been co-financed by the SPRI, Business Development Agency of the Basque Government, highlighting the importance and potential impact of our innovative efforts.

Competitive Manufacturing Through Energy Efficient Processes
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