GHI’s Cutting-Edge Dross Recovery Plants in Light Metal Age

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Aluminum Dross Recovery Solutions are essential in today’s eco-conscious market. At GHI Smart Furnaces, we have been featured in Light Metal Age magazine for our groundbreaking work in this field. Our innovative plants turn waste into valuable resources, enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the aluminum industry.

Revolutionizing Aluminum Dross Recovery Solutions

At GHI Smart Furnaces, we transform challenges into opportunities with our Aluminum Dross Recovery Solutions. Our state-of-the-art recovery plants help the aluminum industry recycle waste into valuable resources, setting new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Why Aluminum Dross Recovery Solutions Matter

Today’s consumers demand transparency and eco-friendliness in the products they buy. With strict regulations and competitive markets, the aluminum industry needs sustainable practices. GHI Smart Furnaces offers solutions that recover 100% of aluminum from dross and scrap, reducing waste and boosting efficiency.

Maximizing Aluminum Recovery

Aluminum dross, a byproduct of the smelting process, contains valuable aluminum. Black dross, from secondary melting, contains 5-30% aluminum, while white dross, from primary smelters, has 20-80% aluminum. Our advanced processing techniques ensure no aluminum goes to waste.

Our Advanced Equipment

GHI’s tilting rotary furnaces, along with salt slag cooling systems and holding furnaces, provide the highest aluminum recovery rates. Our 4.0 technology optimizes energy use and guarantees the safest, most environmentally friendly processes available, leading to higher yields and lower costs.

Beyond 4.0: The Future of Smart Furnaces

Our Beyond 4.0 platform is the next step in aluminum recycling. By integrating sensors and real-time data analysis, we offer unparalleled insights into equipment performance. This ensures continuous improvement and maximizes productivity and efficiency.

Embracing Sustainability with Aluminum Dross Recovery Solutions

Sustainability is at the core of GHI Smart Furnaces. We provide sustainable and autonomous plants that increase the use of secondary aluminum in products without compromising quality. By recycling aluminum dross and reducing energy consumption, we’re paving the way for a more sustainable future.


What are aluminum dross recovery solutions, and why are they valuable?

Aluminum dross recovery solutions involve processes to reclaim aluminum from the byproducts of the smelting process, turning waste into a valuable resource.

How does GHI’s equipment improve aluminum recovery?

Our equipment, including tilting rotary furnaces and salt slag cooling systems, is designed to maximize aluminum recovery by optimizing the melting and cooling processes, ensuring minimal metal loss and efficient energy use.

What is the Beyond 4.0 platform?

Beyond 4.0 is GHI’s digital solution that integrates advanced Big Data tools to monitor and analyze equipment performance in real-time, enhancing productivity and efficiency through continuous improvement.

How does GHI contribute to sustainability in the aluminum industry?

We enable 100% aluminum recovery from dross and scrap, reducing waste and environmental impact. Our processes emphasize energy efficiency and minimal emissions.

What makes white dross more valuable than black dross?

White dross, from primary smelters, contains a higher concentration of aluminum (20-80%) compared to black dross (5-30%) from secondary operations, making it more valuable due to its higher recoverable metal content.

How can GHI Smart Furnaces help my company improve its aluminum recycling process?

We offer tailored solutions, including advanced furnaces and real-time data analysis through our Beyond 4.0 platform, to help companies optimize their aluminum recycling processes, increase metal recovery, and reduce environmental impact.


GHI Smart Furnaces is at the forefront of aluminum recycling innovation. Our technology and commitment to sustainability help customers achieve their recycling goals efficiently. By embracing smart processes and continuous improvement, we’re paving the way for a greener, more efficient aluminum production future.

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GHI’s Cutting-Edge Dross Recovery Plants in Light Metal Age
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