Tilting rotary furnace of 30 t for Amissa in Mexico


30 t tilting rotary furnace for Amissa

Amissa, one of the leading companies in aluminium recycling in the Americas, has commissioned GHI Smart Furnaces with supplying a tilting rotary furnace to increase the capacity of its plant in northern Mexico.


Integral solution

We have designed, engineered, assembled and comissioned the 30 t tilting rotary furnace for aluminium recycling, including a vibrating loader specifically designed for this process.

At this time the furnace is at full performance and exceeding expected results regarding energy consumption, recovery of aluminium contained in the dross and aluminium scrap, and in the reduction in consumption of salts during the melting process.


  • High metal yield
  • High energy efficiency
  • High level of automation
  • Process control
  • Lower salt consumption
  • Plant safety
  • Full integration with existing equipment
Tilting rotary furnace of 30 t for Amissa in Mexico
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