Smart Multi Chamber

The Smart Multi Chamber Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces is a revolutionary furnace technology designed to efficiently process contaminated scrap.

With its dual chambers, this furnace not only decontaminates the scrap metal for immediate melting but also optimizes energy usage by harnessing the organic components present in the charge.

Also, this autonomous furnace incorporates two autonomous auxiliary equipment, the Skimming Machine and Charging Machine, to ensure the utmost quality of the produced aluminium. Adapted to the unique needs and requirements of each client, this furnace stands as a testament to our passion for excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

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Why Choose our Smart Multi-Chamber Furnace? Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Furnace Automation and Process Control

    The Multi-Chamber Furnace has an autonomous charging and melting process that ensures consistent quality of the produced metal materials. With advanced process control features, the multichamber furnace is adequate to recycle contaminated aluminium in an environmentally friendly way.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Our furnace technology incorporates a highly advanced combustion system that minimizes emissions while optimizing energy usage. By choosing our Smart Multi Chamber Furnace, you contribute to a lower environmental impact and significant cost savings.

  3. Customizable Configurations and Capacities

    We recognize that each client has unique requirements and limitations in their metal processing operations. That's why our Smart Multi Chamber Furnace offers complete customization in terms of configurations and capacities, delivering a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

  4. Simplified Solution for Low Contamination

    For cases of low contamination, we offer a simplified version of the Smart Multi Chamber Furnace. This cost-effective option ensures optimal efficiency and maintains the exceptional quality of the produced metal materials.

Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace Guaranteed high-quality aluminium Empowering autonomous furnace Safety and sustainability at the core Flexibility and scalability tailored to you

Let Ana Portilla help you today.

Let Ana Portilla help you today.

Ana Portilla, our Commercial Manager, is available to discuss your specific needs and help you choose the right Smart Multi Chamber Furnace solution for your business today and to provide you with a free quote.