Smart Melting Tower

Our dedicated Smart Melting Tower Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces embraces the delicate dance of transforming medium-sized ingots and scrap pieces of aluminium and its alloys. Perfectly suited for foundries and secondary aluminium recovery plants, this marvel of innovation stands as an autonomous solution, where the touch of human hands is replaced by automatic charging and skimming systems.

The Melting Tower Furnace not only elevates melting capacity but also offers customizable designs to meet your specific requirements, seamlessly integrating with other furnaces for melting various scrap types.

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Why Choose Our Smart Melting Tower Furnace? Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages

  1. Versatile Industrial Furnace

    Our Melting Tower Furnace is a versatile industrial marvel, effortlessly melting medium-sized ingots and aluminium scrap pieces. It ensures unparalleled energy efficiency and maximizes metal yield. When integrated with other furnaces, it becomes a force to reckon with, catering to your specialized scrap melting requirements.

  2. Automatic Charging and Skimming Systems

    Say goodbye to manual intervention! The Melting Tower Furnace comes equipped with automatic charging and skimming systems, paving the way for autonomous aluminium melting. Witness heightened efficiency and productivity as this furnace streamlines your operations.

  3. Customizable Furnace Design

    The smart furnace design is customizable to meet specific requirements. GHI Smart Furnaces can provide a personalized solution that meets your aluminium melting needs, including the integration of the Melting Tower Furnace with other furnaces, like sidewell furnaces for chip melting.

  4. Low Maintenance and Easy Repair

    Designed with your convenience in mind, the Melting Tower Furnace boasts minimal maintenance and easy repair. We provide comprehensive installation, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring uninterrupted furnace operation.

Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace Guaranteed high-quality aluminium Empowering autonomous furnace Safety and sustainability at the core Flexibility and scalability tailored to you

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Guillermo Gonzalez

Guillermo González, Business Development Manager, is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about the Smart Melting Tower Furnace and how it can benefit your business, contact to schedule a consultation and receive a personalized quote.