Smart Melting Reverberatory

The Smart Melting Reverberatory Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces is a cutting-edge melting that efficiently melts bulk aluminium scraps in contact with the hot gases resulting from combustion with the material being melted, instead of the traditional reverberation method.

The furnace can be equipped with various features, including electromagnetic stirrers, mechanical, or vacuum pumps, which ensure uniform bath temperature and increase the furnace's melting capacity.

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Why Choose our Smart Melting Reverberatory Furnace? Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Regenerative Burners for High Thermal Efficiency

    The furnace's combustion equipment uses regenerative burners that have ceramic exchange beds to achieve thermal efficiencies of up to 80%. By extracting gases from the furnace chamber through them and using alternative on/off sequences per burner pair, achieving combustion air temperatures exceeding 1.000ºC with furnace temperatures reaching 1.150ºC, reducing NOX emissions below the strictest environmental protection regulations applied in Europe.

  2. Low-Maintenance Lining for Maximum Insulation

    Our furnace features a meticulously designed lining that delivers long-lasting performance, minimal maintenance requirements, and outstanding insulation. We bid farewell to unnecessary heat loss as we prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

  3. Autonomous Skimming Machine

    Efficiency meets automation with the Smart Reverberatory Furnace. Our smart design incorporates an autonomous skimming machine, seamlessly streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. This cutting-edge addition guarantees clean and efficient melting by swiftly removing dross from the molten metal's surface. Say goodbye to manual intervention and witness the improved overall performance of your production process.

  4. Autonomous Charging Machine

    Our autonomous charging machine revolutionizes this aspect, introducing a level of precision, speed, and safety that surpasses manual methods. This intelligent system utilizes advanced sensors and robotics to precisely transfer metal charging material into the furnace, minimizing charging time, reducing the risk of furnace damage, and enhancing overall productivity.

Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace Guaranteed high-quality aluminium Empowering autonomous furnace Safety and sustainability at the core Flexibility and scalability tailored to you

Let Ana Portilla help you today.

Let Ana Portilla help you today.

Ana Portilla, Commercial Manager is here to help you how the Smart Melting Reverberatory Furnace can elevate your aluminium production and answer any questions you may have and provide you with a personalized quote.