Smart Coil and Foil Annealing Furnace

Smart Coil and Foil Annealing

GHI Smart Furnaces offer a stationary furnace for coil annealing and homogenizing, with the flexibility to adapt to customized production needs. The furnace is designed to allow for future adaptation to electrical heating, enabling a switch from gas to electrical heating.

Our furnace is designed to generate a fluid atmosphere, enabling efficient and uniform heating of the flat surfaces of coils without excessive overheating at any point.

The furnace features high ventilation and low pressure for temperature uniformity and a reliable design for optimal control of the inert atmosphere.

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Why Choose Our Smart Coil and Foil Annealing Furnace? Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Heat Treating for High-Quality Coils

    Our Coil Annealing Furnace offers advanced heat treating technology, ensures high-quality coils with precise temperature control. The furnace is designed for energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

  2. Advanced Control Systems for Reliable Performance

    Our furnace features advanced control systems that provide accurate and reliable performance with high thermal interchange and temperature uniformity, ensuring consistent results and minimal downtime. Our team of experts can help optimize the furnace for your specific production needs, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity.

  3. Coil Handling and Transfer Machines

    Our Coil Annealing Furnace offers a fully automated system for loading, transferring, and unloading coils. This solution ensures seamless production and reduces the risk of damage to the coils. The system is designed for scalability, allowing for the addition of more furnaces or Cooling Chambers to increase production using the same load transfer system.

  4. Safety Features

    Our furnace is designed with safety in mind, featuring a range of safety measures that ensure the protection of both personnel and equipment. The plant is completely automated, as the operator only needs to select the required thermal cycle to be followed.

Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace Guaranteed high-quality aluminium Empowering autonomous furnace Safety and sustainability at the core Flexibility and scalability tailored to you

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