Smart Tilting Rotary

The GHI Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces is a cutting-edge solution for aluminium recycling, being the world's largest with a capacity of 65 tons. Our state-of-the-art furnace ensures high metal recovery, minimal operating costs, and a reduced carbon footprint.

We provide a fully automated, digitalized, and sensorized process that guarantees high-quality aluminium, minimal oxidation, and metal loss, following the strictest environmental and safety standards.

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Why Choose our Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace? Our furnace is an industry-leading solution, offering a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Guaranteed High-Quality Aluminium

    With over 15 years of industry experience and process knowledge, we've developed a fully digitalized, AI-incorporated Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace for precise and controlled processing.

    Our furnace, the world's largest at 65 tons, features a unique design to produce high-quality aluminium, meeting the most demanding industry standards that allows for faster and more efficient melting, with less salt consumption and lower emissions.

  2. Empowering Autonomous Furnace

    With complete digitalization and advanced sensor integration, the Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace harnesses the power of Big Data and AI to revolutionize productivity and process control.

    Through our continuous process improvement, the furnace achieves maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our furnace can rotate 360 degrees, tilt at a wide angle for easy unloading, and has an automatic loading system.

  3. Safety and sustainability at the core

    Engineered to surpass rigorous environmental and safety regulations, the Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace minimizes manual labor while maintaining health and safety standards. Additionally, our energy-efficient furnaces and equipment are carefully designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable approach. Our furnace can utilize oxygen combustion, which reduces the amount of combustion gases and NOx, and produces a salt slag easily recyclable with our integrated slag cooler.

  4. Scalability & Flexibility

    With specialized equipment, the Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace offers exceptional flexibility to process diverse scrap and dross varieties, yielding high metal recovery and delivering optimum quality aluminium in various final products: sows, ingots, and liquid aluminium. Our furnace can handle dirty scraps, foundry returns, automotive parts, aluminium cans, chips, turnings, white and black drosses, and more.

Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace Guaranteed high-quality aluminium Empowering autonomous furnace Safety and sustainability at the core Flexibility and scalability tailored to you

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