Befesa-Asúa Upgrades with New Tilting Reverberatory Furnaces

including the Rotadross Tillting Rotary Furnace and Salt-Slag cooling system. The obtective is to increase the profitability and minimize the environmental footprint with GHI technology for dross recovery plants.

GHI Smart Furnaces has successfully completed the installation of two new 50-tonne Smart Tilting Rotary Furnaces at Befesa-Asúa. This upgrade has replaced three older furnaces, resulting in a more efficient and highly automated plant that enhances operational capacity and metal quality during the casting process.

A Strategic Upgrade

Befesa’s decision to invest in GHI’s state-of-the-art furnaces stems from their commitment to operational efficiency and high-quality output. The new furnaces employ porous plug agitation technology to ensure uniform temperature and chemical composition, thus producing premium-quality metal from start to finish.

Seamless Integration

The installation process was meticulously planned to maintain continuous operation of at least two furnaces at all times. Initially, one of the 25-tonne furnaces was dismantled and replaced with a 50-tonne furnace designed to fit the limited available space. This included innovative features such as a side door and single-cylinder tilting system.

Upon completion, the second 25-tonne furnace was replaced with a conventional reverberatory furnace equipped with a front opening and two-cylinder tilting system. The final step involved dismantling the out-of-service furnace, creating more usable space and optimal operating conditions.

Advanced Features and Automation

The new furnaces are equipped with eight porous plugs to ensure excellent agitation and uniformity. Maintenance of these plugs is facilitated by safety mechanisms that allow inspection while the furnace is partially tilted. Additionally, automatic tilting systems enhance control and efficiency during casting, using proportional valves, tilt meters, and laser monitoring systems.

These enhancements ensure that Befesa-Asúa can deliver high-quality metal while reducing energy consumption and improving overall productivity.

Embracing Industry 4.0

GHI Smart Furnaces has integrated advanced sensorization and data capture systems in these installations, aligning with the principles of Smart Process Improvement. This ensures that Befesa-Asúa can achieve superior control over their production processes, significantly boosting efficiency and sustainability.

Key Advantages

  • Increased operational efficiency and automation
  • High-quality metal production with uniform temperature and composition
  • Enhanced maintenance safety and ease
  • Advanced sensorization for process improvement
  • Integration with Industry 4.0 standards

By investing in these advanced furnaces, Befesa-Asúa has set a new benchmark in the industry, demonstrating their commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Befesa-Asúa Upgrades with New Tilting Reverberatory Furnaces
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