Unveiling the World’s Largest Rotary Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces

Befesa, a global leader in recycling salt slag and aluminum residues, required a turnkey solution to enhance the recovery of aluminum from low-quality scrap. The solution aimed to achieve high metal yield and control of the aluminum melting process with minimal environmental impact. To meet this need, GHI Smart Furnaces designed and built the largest rotary furnace in the world.

Integral Solution

The challenge was to accommodate the process requirements within limited space and time constraints. Our solution was a 65-ton tilting rotary furnace, surpassing the previous world record held by GHI by 30%. This colossal equipment measures 8.5 meters in length, 5.5 meters in height, and weighs 150 tons.

Designed to recover aluminum from low-quality scrap, the new furnace significantly reduces pollutant waste compared to traditional models. Its innovative geometry simplifies the emptying and cleaning of the dross, while its double-door system enhances energy efficiency and process automation.

The furnace dramatically improves cost efficiency per ton by replacing older fixed axle systems that consume more salt and have poorer energy performance.

Advanced Technology and Benefits

Fully sensorized, the furnace can transmit 1,000 data points per second, analyzed by AI-driven Big Data systems. This technology allows for real-time monitoring of component wear, prevention of unexpected downtimes, and planning of maintenance actions, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and sustainability.

  • Enhanced recovery of aluminum contained in the dross.
  • Reduced cycle time and manual labor in the plant.
  • Significantly improved energy efficiency and automation levels.
  • Reduced salt consumption and seamless integration with existing equipment.
  • Standardized control and optimization of the aluminum recycling process.
  • Real-time operation monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • Remote technical assistance service capabilities.

This pioneering project not only sets a new standard in the industry but also aligns with GHI’s commitment to sustainable industrial solutions and technological innovation.

Unveiling the World’s Largest Rotary Furnace by GHI Smart Furnaces
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