GHI Drives Fundial Aluminium’s Expansion Plan

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Fundial Aluminium Expands with GHI Technology

Fundial Aluminium is set to double its aluminium ingot production capacity with the help of GHI. By introducing a 40-ton Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace, Fundial aims to transform its Legutio plant into a leading center for aluminium ingot refinement and manufacturing.

Enhanced Production Capacity

The new 40-ton Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace, almost double the capacity of the initial plan, boosts Fundial’s market position. This expansion provides greater flexibility and a broader range of aluminum alloys to meet each customer’s personalized demands.

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Environmental Benefits

The Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace and a slag cooling system significantly improve energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions per ton of produced aluminum. The slag cooling system quickly cools the salt slag, preventing aluminum oxidation and increasing metal recovery. Additionally, it requires less cooling space compared to traditional methods, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Technological Integration

Both the furnace and the slag cooling system integrate fully into Industry 4.0 through GHI’s BeyondAlea platform. This advanced integration streamlines production processes and ensures high technological performance, contributing to the recovery of aluminum and higher metal yields.

Customer and Market Impact

Fundial’s expansion plan enables the company to offer a wider variety of aluminum alloys, catering to specific customer needs. The environmental benefits and improved production efficiency align with GHI’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in aluminum manufacturing.

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Key Takeaways

  • Expansion with GHI Technology: Fundial Aluminium’s production capacity doubles with a 40-ton Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace.
  • Environmental and Efficiency Benefits: The new equipment improves energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions, and enhances aluminum recovery.
  • Industry 4.0 Integration: Fully sensorized equipment integrates into GHI’s BeyondAlea platform for advanced production processes.
  • Market Positioning: This expansion strengthens Fundial’s market position by offering a broader range of aluminum alloys to meet diverse customer demands.

Fundial Aluminium’s expansion not only signifies growth but also highlights GHI’s crucial role in advancing sustainable and efficient aluminum production.

GHI Drives Fundial Aluminium’s Expansion Plan
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