HORDAGO 2: Intelligent Expert System for Efficient Control and Management of 4.0 Furnaces

The consortium formed by SIDENOR, NEMAK, GECSA, AVANGROUP, and GHI Smart Furnaces, supported by RCVTI agents IK4-Ikerlan, University of Deusto, and Sidenor I+D, is pioneering the development of an intelligent expert system to revolutionize the control and management of next-generation furnaces, known as Furnaces 4.0. This innovative system aims to enhance energy efficiency, productivity, and equipment availability by facilitating seamless interaction across the entire value chain (horizontal integration).

Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability with Intelligent Expert System

Industries with high energy consumption face the critical need for robust, efficient, and intelligent equipment that adapts to production demands. This ensures optimal performance throughout the product’s lifecycle, thereby supporting business sustainability. The advanced analysis of temperature data, leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies, will significantly boost energy efficiency. By analyzing data from the furnace and other value chain processes, critical variables such as material properties and non-productive periods can be optimized.

HORDAGO 2 Project: Aiming for Sustainable Production with Furnaces 4.0

The HORDAGO 2 project seeks to achieve sustainable production processes with high energy efficiency. It focuses on developing an intelligent expert system for the efficient control and management of Furnaces 4.0 and the entire production value chain. This system not only ensures maximum equipment availability but also contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 and NOx.

This groundbreaking project has received co-financing from SPRI, the Business Development Agency of the Basque Government.

SPRI - Intelligent Expert System for Furnaces 4.0

Impact of the Intelligent Expert System on Energy Efficiency

The intelligent expert system developed for Furnaces 4.0 promises to make significant advancements in energy efficiency. By utilizing real-time data analysis and predictive maintenance, the system helps industries reduce energy consumption and optimize furnace operations. This not only lowers operational costs but also minimizes the environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Future Prospects and Industry Implications

The successful implementation of the HORDAGO 2 project will set a new benchmark for the industry. With the intelligent expert system, companies can expect improved furnace performance, higher productivity, and enhanced sustainability. This project exemplifies how collaborative efforts and technological innovation can drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.

HORDAGO 2: Intelligent Expert System for Efficient Control and Management of 4.0 Furnaces
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