GHI’s Automatic Load Point Featured in Smart Factory Magazine

AI-powered Automatic Charging Point for Aluminum Recycling Furnaces

GHI Smart Furnaces has been featured in the latest issue of Smart Factory Magazine! Our cutting-edge “Automatic Load Point” solution for the Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace is revolutionizing the aluminium recycling industry. As the global demand for aluminium rises, the need for efficient and sustainable recycling processes becomes ever more critical. Our innovative approach not only meets this demand but sets a new industry standard.

Transforming Aluminium Recycling with AI

To meet the rising global demand for aluminium and enhance productivity, GHI Smart Furnaces developed the “Automatic Load Point” solution. This groundbreaking model uses advanced machine learning to optimize the loading process in our Smart Tilting Rotary Furnace. By providing real-time instructions to furnace operators, it significantly boosts energy efficiency and operational productivity.

This model reduces operator dependency by learning from experienced operators and guiding less experienced ones, ensuring consistent results and improved process efficiency. Although currently requiring manual confirmation, the system is designed for future full automation, paving the way for further advancements in productivity.

Key Benefits of the Automatic Load Point

  • Operator Independence: The AI model learns from experienced operators and guides less experienced ones. This reduces variability and improves overall process consistency.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Optimizing the timing of furnace loading reduces energy consumption and improves the melting process.
  • Future Automation: Although manual confirmation is currently required, the system is designed for full automation in the future. This promises further advancements in productivity and efficiency.

Recognition and Future Prospects

The “Automatic Load Point” project, led by Alain Campo (Technical Director), Liz Araujo (ML Developer), and Aitor Nogales (IT Developer), exemplifies our multidisciplinary approach and dedication to pioneering new technologies. This innovative solution has transformed our processes and earned us the prestigious “Best Industrial Equipment for the Factory of the Future” award at the Factories of the Future Awards 2024.

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For a detailed look at how our “Automatic Load Point” solution is revolutionizing the aluminium recycling industry, check out the full article in Smart Factory Magazine: Read the full article.

GHI’s Automatic Load Point Featured in Smart Factory Magazine
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